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Keep reading if you need books to learn German!

  • Thalia. This amazing bookstore has everything and the language section is great.  Here you can find the link to the German books. And if you need those books in English you can also find some in here. If you start a language course you will probably need the German version but still.
  • Willhaben. Is the famous secondhand webpage where you can find almost everything. Books and material are rare but if you keep looing you might find some.
  • Alex. This bookstore is on the Hauptplatz . It webpage is here. Esta librería se encuentra en la Hauptplatz.
  • Neugebauer: On Taubenmarkt it has sometimes really good offers.
  • Hans Fürstelberger.  Is in the Landstraße and even you can´t see them from outside there are books for language learning.

Karte von linz buchhandlung linz

You can see all the bookstores on this map.

Another option is to borrow books from the Wissensturm or buy them in amazon,

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