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Altstadt is the Old City center of Linz. It is quite famous for its nightlife, specially during the weekends. But the part of Linz has much more to offer. New shops, cafés and bars are trying to actract more public and activate life during the day. Just a few days ago they celebrated a party where people could get to know all the exciting things you can do there. Next week music sessions will start and you can join music for free.

Between the 18th of May and the 24th of August many concerts will take place. Cuban music, Jazz or Swing are just some example of what you can enjoy. As I said, they are for free but if you want to make a reservation contact the following shops:

Pizzeria 480° (vormals Cafe Robkins): 0732-773489

Cocktailbar Frau Dietrich: 0732-772774

Restaurant Herberstein / Sushi Bar: 0732-786161
Markthalle eins zwo: 0732-772969
Bar Tiki Tiki: 0677-61966830
Aps: 0732-773135

For more information about check the webpage.


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