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Linzeando has been online for more than 8 years and during this time we have shared a lot of information. 

We are trying to update and translate all of it but it will take a while. We ask you to be patient. In the meantime feel free

to ask any question or learn some Spanish 🙂 


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Altstadt is the Old City center of Linz. It is quite famous for its nightlife, specially during the weekends. But the part of Linz has much more to offer. New shops, cafés and bars are trying to actract more public and activate life during the day. Just a few days ago they celebrated a party […]

Books to learn German

Keep reading if you need books to learn German! Thalia. This amazing bookstore has everything and the language section is great.  Here you can find the link to the German books. And if you need those books in English you can also find some in here. If you start a language course you will probably need […]

Drinks delivery service

Probably it has already happened to you that while sitting by the Danube you have thought: ” I could drink a beer right now”. You have looked around you maybe waiting for a miracle to happened. Like someone coming right to you shouting: ” Beer, coke, cold water!” Well, let me tell you that this […]

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